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MAP INDOOR is the basis for a simple and quick capture of objects, buildings, rooms and property. Easily integrate and use this data in your business – up to 50.000 m2 per day.

Intuitive handling

MAP INDOOR intuitively and efficiently assists you to be on top of everything – simply use any conventional browser, no additional software is required.
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Efficient mapping

MAP INDOOR is currently the most innovative way of mapping and visualising large areas or objects – due to bundled functionalities. Visual and geometrical data is simultaneously captured with one mobile high-end scanner

High-precision output

MAP INDOOR offers both high-end 720° panoramic views and point clouds (based on a 5-millimetre- to 60-millimetre-grid), as raw data or displayed in the Indoor Viewer.  Based on the captured data, we will gladly generate 2D site plans, 3D models or 3D BIM models for you. Furthermore, via interface additional information can be transferred to other software (CAFM etc.) as well.

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Dynamic Panoramic Views

Breath-taking panoramic images, including bottom view and aerial view.


Easily access your data via internet – completely independent of location and terminal devic


Based on the captured data, MAP INDOOR provides an interactive navigation experience inside any building.

Point Clouds

Easier and more efficient views of high-quality point clouds – just a click in the Indoor Viewer.


Use Point of Interests, in short POI´s, to highlight important locations (building services, room numbers, etc.) – of course as well created and edited comfortably with the Indoor Viewer.

Measured data

Collect measured data immediately within the visual view – based on the captured point cloud.


Key advantages of MAP INDOOR

Technical benefits

MAP INDOOR introduces a comprehensive solution, that goes far beyond provision and capture of visual as well as geometrical data. With our support meeting your various needs you will always keep a close eye on your property, real estate and ongoing processes. Get to know about our capture technologies right up to the Indoor Viewer – your key hub around data utilisation.
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Economic benefits

MAP INDOOR not only provides data as well as efficient tools for profound insight, regulation, certainty and cost transparency relating to buildings and properties, but also helps you improve your processes. Right from the start count on local mobility and terminal device-independency, thus benefit from worldwide access to your data by using any conventional browser.

Communication benefits

MAP INDOOR allows you to integrate other providers (e.g. architects, specialist planners, facility managers, etc.) into your project, based on the roles assigned. Like that you may overcome the prevailing problems of tight schedules and limited staff resources, by bringing in internal as well as external professional skills on demand and thus reducing permanent costs (e.g. travel expenses).

MAP INDOOR – at a glance

Employing the latest technology of NavVis, MAP INDOOR simultaneously captures visual and geometrical data with one mobile high-end scanner (M3 Trolley). Due to this innovative measure instrument it is possible to capture large spaces – up to 50.000 m² per day.

Application Sectors

- Real Estate Asset Management
- Property Management
- Facility Management
- Factory Planning and Production Planning
- Logistics Planning and Storage Planning
- Process Improvement
- Inventory Valuation
- Construction Documentation
- Events/Fairs/Museums
- Insurance Companies


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Vokal+Parter has more than 20 years´ experience in the fields of:

- Building construction mapping and architectural mapping
- Engineering surveying and industrial surveying
- BIM, 3D-Modelling
- Railway construction surveying

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